aPriori Capital has sold its interest in Inspiring Learning, a UK headquartered provider of residential activity centres and educational trips for primary and secondary school children, to Bridgepoint Development Capital for an undisclosed sum.

The company has two divisions – Kingswood, an operator of 10 residential activity centres with over 4,000 beds principally in the North, East and South East of the UK. This is the larger part of the group and has a 30 year heritage in providing educational residential courses for school children and also provides the residential element of the government’s National Citizenship Service aimed at 15-17 year olds. In addition, Kingswood also operates Camp Beaumont Day Centres which provide non-residential day and multiple-day courses for working parents in London during the school holidays. The company’s other division, Equity, provides curriculum linked educational tours, ski trips and sports tours.

Kingswood has demonstrated a strong track record of growth under the current management team, opening new sites and expanding existing ones to provide its broad base of school customers with high quality facilities and tailored activities that meet their ‘out of classroom’ learning objectives.